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Party Hats
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You will need:
a3 colored construction paper
hat template
a sharp pencil or hole punch
double sided tape or glue
rugrats design sheet
crayons or colored markers
string or ribbon

Start with the construction paper. It must be a3 sized or bigger and can be any color you like. If you do not have colored paper or card you can color white paper yourself.

Print the hat template. Cut it out around the dotted lines. Children need to be supervised when using scissors. Place the shape onto your construction paper and draw around it. Flip the template over and draw around it again until you
have a cone shape. Cut this out (ignoring the center line) Put double sided tape or glue down one side of the shape.

Fold the hat around so that it forms a cone shape and press the glue or tape down so that it sticks. You should now have your basic hat shape. Dont worry if it
looks too small for your head.

Now print off the Rugrats design sheet (see below) and cut out the decorations for the hat.

Color the decorations in any way you want to. Pick which ones you’d like to use on your hat and stick them on using tape or glue.

Wait until the glue has dried before doing the next step. Use your sharp pencil or hole punch to make a hole in either side of the hat. This is where the ribbon or string will go to hold the hat onto your head. Children should be supervised at this point.

Thread the ribbon or string through one of the holes and tie. Try the hat on and then thread the string or ribbon through the hole on the other side of the hat. This lets you make the hat the right size for your head and stops it falling off or
from being too tight.

Tie off the ribbon or string and cut off the excess.

Party Hat
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