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Let Tommy, Chuckie, Angelica and the gang invite people to your parties with these cool invitations. Worksheets require Adobe Acrobat Reader. (get it here) The file may take a few minutes to fully load, depending on the speed of your Internet connection.

You will need:
a4 paper
thing card (optional)
invitation worksheets
colored pencils or markers (optional)

Print off the invitation pages from the worksheet onto regular white printer paper. To Print, Click the Print Icon on the toolbar, or go to the File menu and then click Print.

You can print multiple copies of the worksheet if you need several invitations by changing the number of copies in the printer window. Alternatively, you can click the printer icon several times uil you have the number of copies you need.

Cut out the invitaion (around the dotted lines if there are any)

To make the invitations stronger you can mount them onto card.

Color the pictures in if the invite is in black and white. Now you are ready to fill in the information about your party!

Tommy full page

Full color
[download worksheets]
File Size: 121kb

Angelica Star

Full color
[download worksheets]
File Size: 179kb

Chuckie Star

Full color
[download worksheets]
File Size: 212kb

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