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Preschool Daze characters
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As well as Susie and Angelica, Preschool Daze has lots of new characters for us to meet. Check them out below...

Angelica is just the same as in the regular series, but now at preschool she has lots more kids to boss around. She also wears different clothes here than usual.
Susie is just as nice as in the regular series and really smart, in fact she's probably Miss Weemer's favorite student.
Miss Weemer is the class teacher, she is very nervous, doesn't seem as if she knows what she is doing and gets very stressed by her job.
Dr Yesgal is the clasroom assistant who Miss Weemer resents. Everytime something goes wrong Miss Weemer tries to keep it from Dr Yesgal. She is however good with the children and very friendly.
Gertrude is the old woman who works on the reception desk of the community center where the preschool is. She loves soap opears and is always on hand to help the kids out if needed.
Mr Kreeper is the handy man for the community center. He has a scary shed in the grounds and walks around with big tools. He wears a waterproof coat with the hood up which makes the kids think he's scary.
Harold also appears in Rugrats (later episodes) and All Grown Up, he is kinda shy and doesn't have a lot of friends but looks up to Angelica a lot.
Clark (also known as PowerBoy or PowerGuy) is a fraidy cat like Chuckie, he wears a cape and pretends he's a superhero when deep down he's terrified of everything.
Dulce is a little girl who loves chocolate. She is always eating it and getting covered in it and as a result is always hyperactive. She gets a little crazy if she doesn't have any.
Jake is the Timmy McNulty character (apparently Jake is his middle name) who can't stop getting messy, whether it be from candy bars or covering himself in glue.
Julia is a pretty quiet little girl who hangs around with Matthew a lot. She likes to draw and paint.
Kayla is Savannah's best friend and is very similar in personality to her. She talks really fast and does whatever Savannah tells her to, including being mean.
Leonardo is a little boy who has a problem with picking his nose all the time! He also cannot stop putting his hand down his pants.
Lucas is a little boy who seems to be having an identity crisis at age three! He wears a dress on school picture day but doesn't care what anyone thinks of that!
Matthew is one of the more popular boys in the class, Angelica and Savannah both have a crush on him.
Noah is one of Matthew and Jake's friends. He is mostly in the background.
Savannah also appears in All Grown Up, she is bossy and always tries to get her own way and loves to put Angelica down and make her feel bad.
Willy is the kid in the class who still isn't potty trained. He frequently wets himself but is always smiling. He also plays with Matthew and Jake.
Fuzzbo is the class pet, he is a guinea pig who the kids haveto feed and clean up after.