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All Grown Up characters
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Besides the regular cast from the original Rugrats series, All Grown Up introduces a host of new friends, teachers to the show..

Bean appeared in 'Interview with a campfire'. He was one of the people who worked at Camp Everwood and was friends with Dil. Bean is quiet but has mysterious qualities!
Beverly Jones
Beverly Jones is the talent scout who Susie met, in Susie Sings. She took $1000 from Susie promising to get her a record deal but ran off with the money.
Diane is one of the popular girls and one of Lil's friends.
Harold also appears in the later seasons of Rugrats and in Preschool Daze. He is he thorn in Angelica's side but is very sincere and loves to help others.
Leslie is another one of Lil's friends. Her best friend is Diane.
Lil Q
Lil Q (otherwise knownas cupid) appeared in It's Cupid Stupid and caused trouble with Dil at valentines. He was voiced by Lil Romeo.
Mr Beaker
Mr Beaker is the gangs science teacher.
Ms O'Keats
Ms O'Keats is Angelica's teacher
Nicole is the girl Chuckie has a crush on in Chuckie's in Love. He liked her so much he invented an exchange student 'Chongo' just to impress her.
Pangborn is the vice principal of the school the gang go to. He loves to enforce rules and write poetry and used to be a wrestler.
Z is Kimi's friend. He was introduced in the episode Bad Kimi and has a bad boy kind of image which make the gang dislike him at first.