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Some famous quotes from The Rugrats Movie. If your favourite quote isn't on here, why not send it in. Just fill out the email form and I'll add it to this page.

Angelica: You know, not all dogs go to heaven.

Tommy: We're off to see the lizard.

Tommy : Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of yum!

Phil: Thank Bob!
Lil: Thank you Bob!

Rex Pester: Young Tammy, Baby Dale, the twins Bill and Jill, Little Chunky, and poor sweet Amelia all vanished without a trace.

Chuckie: Hey, you guys, help me! The monkeys is trying to take Tommy's brother!
Phil: ...So?

Phil: I didn't know she could fly.
Lil: I think it's 'cause she's a witch.

Drew: What is it, an electric sponge?
Stu: Of course not... That was last year.

Stu: Excuse me, my tax deductions are crying

Tommy: No! We can't go back now, you guys! Okie-Dokie Jones never goes back!

Angelica: You dumb babies got a lot to learn about the facts of lice!

Stu: Deed, she's so beautiful. She's... she's a boy!

Angelica: You're gonna be my butthound! We gotta search every doghouse, playhouse, treehouse & dollhouse! I want those fugitives back in custardy!

Chuckie: I don't know if I should throw up or throw down!

Didi: I can't believe you left him with your father! The man slept through Pearl Harbor for heaven's sake.