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Three Jacks and a Beanstalk Characters
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Tales from the Crib: Three Jacks and a Beanstalk sees the Rugrats become characters in a fairytale, joined by some new and old faces.

(Voiced by Amanda Bynes)
The story teller, who we see reading to the Rugrats and whose voice tells us what is happening throughout the special.
Aunt Moo
(voiced by Mo'Nique, singing voiced by Rain Pryor)
Talking cow who looks after the babies
As the fairy. She gives the babies the magic beans and tells them to go into the castle to fetch things from Angelica.
As Giant Angelica. She's mean and took over the castle for herself.
(voiced by Kathy Najimy)
The magic goose that tells jokes
As Giant Angelica's servant.
As Jack. He lives with Aunt Moo and his little brother.
As Jack (Jack and Jill). He and his sister Jill go to live with Aunt Moo after they fall down the hill fetching a pail of water.
As Jack Sprat. He and his twin sister Little "Lil" Sprat go to live with Aunt Moo.
As Little "Lil" Sprat. She is Jack Sprat's twin sister.
As Jack's little brother.
As Jill (Jack and Jill). She is Jack's sister and goes to live with Aunt Moo after she came tumbling after Jack down the hill.